EcoDry Canopy Clothes Lines

Canopy Clothes Lines Ireland

Reduce your electricity bills with a Canopy Clothes Line from EcoDry

You can’t trust the Irish weather, but you can trust EcoDry Canopy Clothes Lines to dry your clothes in all weather. By reducing the use of your tumble dryer, an EcoDry offers benefits such as a reduction in energy bills, kinder to the environment and fresher clothes that last longer.

Discover the advantages of a Canopy Clothes Line from EcoDry.
Effortless drying, year-round reliability, and the assurance that your laundry dries perfectly, rain or shine.

What Are Canopy Clothes Lines?

What Are Canopy Clothes Lines?

The EcoDry Canopy Clothes Line is an outdoor drying system for laundry.

The heavy-duty UV-resistant polycarbonate roof is attached to a frame with the clothes lines stretched underneath. This design shields the clothes from direct sunlight, rain, or other weather elements while still allowing air to circulate and dry the laundry effectively.

Canopy clothes lines offer protection to clothes by greatly reducing the risk of bleaching or fading. Regardless of weather conditions, an EcoDry Canopy Clothes Lines is an efficient way to dry laundry outdoors.

Why Choose an Ecodry Canopy Clothes Line

For Our Planet
No need for a high energy consuming clothes dryer.

For Your Health
Reducing the risk of mould and dampness in your house.

Lower Bills
Tumble dryers can be very heavy on electricity.

Manufactured in Ireland with the highest quality materials.

With current energy prices and the need for us all to be greener, there has never been a better time to invest in an EcoDry Canopy Clothes Line! By not using a tumble dryer you will immediately see a reduction in your energy bill and an increase in the lifetime of your clothes. EcoDry offers year-round drying for a one-off investment.